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Lesson 1

Introduction to Key Analysis and Design Concepts

Object Oriented Analysis
Before we launch into the analysis process, I need to explain some key concepts. In analysis and design, as with any syntax-oriented environment, you ensure quality by applying the proper principles and concepts more than by perfecting the use of the syntax. In fact, it is very possible to create a diagram with perfect syntax that will never work.
So the question is, What concepts or guiding principles can we apply that will help us measure the quality of our models?

Module learning objectives

In this module, you will learn:
  1. What it means to create an object
  2. How to assess the quality of an abstraction
  3. What it means to encapsulate an object
  4. How to model objects using encapsulation
  5. How to assess object quality using cohesion and coupling
  6. How to create an object by assembling other objects using aggregation and composition
  7. How to organize similar objects using generalization and specialization