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Lesson 3 Object-oriented approach to Design
Objective OO Programming differs from procedural programming.

OO Programming compared to Procedural Programming

Object-oriented programs follow a different path than procedural programs. In procedural programming, you think mostly about the algorithms and data structures that are used to model the problem and divide the problem into a series of procedures.
In OOP (an abbreviation for object-oriented programming), you think about the system you are modeling and how the elements in the system interact with each other. In procedural programs, the procedures are the highest-level elements. They define what the program does and the data is almost an afterthought.

In object-oriented programs, the classes are the highest level elements.
The classes contain the functions (or the methods, as they're referred to in OOP jargon) and the data. In procedural programming, data belongs to functions or occasionally is stored in global variables.
Object-oriented programming languages encapsulate both data and methods in classes.